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Thursday, July 31, 2008


I auditioned for Atlantic Theater's mainstage production of Farragut North on Monday. On Wednesday I got the call that I would be returning to audition again for the creative team, Director Doug Hughes, Writer Beau Willimon, and Associate Artistic Director Christian Parker. I went into Telsey + Co. today for the callback and auditioned again... handshakes were made, "good job" was said-unfortunately I didn't get any notes from the director, which is often not a good sign. I really don't have any idea how to read these things yet-good/bad. Even when someone says "good job", I'm not really sure what they're thinking. At any rate, I know that I did a good job on this one; I would have loved to have played with it more, tried some different things, but sometimes you only get the one chance to show your one interpretation and you hope it's the right one. Whether I get the part or not, I'm happy to have worked with this text and to have met the Creatives of a company that I really respect and whose work I admire. Good Things.


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