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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hopefully He'll Keep Working

Too Much Memory by Keith Reddin & Meg Gibson-winner of the Outstanding Play Award at the 2008 NY Fringe Festival might be picked up for a short run at the New York Theater Workshop . We find out more in October.

In January, I will hopefully be doing another show with Rising Phoenix Rep written by Crystal Skillman. As Dan would put it, "I love me some Daniel Talbott".

Keep me in your thoughts in hopes that these opportunities become realized!

Good Things!

Busy Week

It's been a busy week!

On Wednesday, I went to a screening of a pilot that my friend Frank Harts is in at the New York Television Festival (NYTVF) called Living in Captivity. Afterward I met up with Mike Doyle, one of my cast mates from Somewhere in the Pacific (the play I did in July) to grab a beer.

On Friday, I attended a Potomac Theatre Project (the company that produced Somewhere in the Pacific) New York reunion at the "Art Bar" on 8th Avenue. It was great to see so many of them again.

On Saturday, I helped my friend Perry Blackshear, who is at NYU Film School, with an exercise he was prepping for class. We went out to Williamsburg and shot a scene from one of his classmates' upcoming projects. Then, I met with my 2nd Cousin Elizabeth MacGregor, who I haven't really ever met other than as a baby, and some of her friends at Ralph's Italian Restaurant for dinner. Great food, great company, and some family stories. I was shocked at how quickly two glasses of red wine went to my head. After that I headed down to Brooklyn again for a Benefit for the Off-Broadway theater company StageFARM. They are producing a collection of short plays by some great Authors including Gina Gionfriddo (I produced and starred in her show After Ashley for my Thesis at College) and Judith Thompson! I look forward to seeing that. PTP and Midd Alum Jesse Hooker was there too which was a pleasant surprise, as was getting to see Ms. Gionfriddo again.

On Sunday, I went to see my roommate in an improv show at Upright Citizens Brigade. Then my roommate, our next door neighbors (who also attended the show), and I grabbed a drink and went to the piano bar Don't Tell Mama to watch my downstairs Neighbor Amy, who I take singing lessons from, perform in a Cabaret she'd been working on with a friend. Amy has got an incredible voice! On Monday, I'm going to a reading of a pilot that a friend of mine, Michael Golden, wrote. On Tuesday, I start my Carpenter Apprenticeship! This coming Friday I will be seeing another show that Frank Harts is in called Sa Ka La produced by Oslo Elsewhere theater company.

Just trying to keep my feet in the water and to support some of the great people I've gotten to know in this city who are doing great work!

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Video

I've put another video up on my Reel & Video page. It's a Silent Russian Horror Film Spoof that I made with director Perry Blackshear in College. Enjoy.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Go See 'Lady'

If you're looking for a great straight theater show to see I highly recommend the play 'Lady' by Craig Wright, Starring Michael Shannon, Paul Sparks, & David Wilson Barnes. The play is humorous poignant and touching, not too long and the acting is incredible!

It's playing at the Rattlestick Theater
224 Waverly Pl
New York, NY

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Watch my Sprint Commercial

The moment some of you have been waiting for! If you've been dying to see that Sprint commercial I shot in June, it's here. Click here to visit my Reel & Video page and watch me throw it down.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Next Indie Horror Craze

Fellow Midd Alums Andy Mitton and Jesse Holland have written a great Horror Feature Script called Yellowbrick Road. Below is a teaser trailer.

Learn more about this awesome project at

Time to Learn

So now that my shows have ended I've had time to look into various programs to keep my skills tuned and to advance my understanding of the actor's craft, and business. Today I just auditioned for and was accepted into "One on One", a New York and L.A. based program that offers courses from Top Casting Directors, Agents and Acting Coaches including Marci Phillips from ABC, Bob Krakower, Paul Schnee, Meghan Rafferty, and Duncan Stewart. I am looking forward to this opportunity! Orientation is tomorrow.

Also, I went to meet an acting coach Alan Savage who had been recommended to me. He has somewhat of a "cut the bullshit" approach which is challenging and exciting. He's all about communication and intention- "what do you want from the other?" I think that I will take some classes with him; there's definitely something to be learned there.

I will also be taking voice lessons from my downstairs neighbor who teaches voice at AMDA. I decided to take voice lessons after a casting call for "Peter Parker" in the new "Spider-Man" musical was listed in Backstage Magazine (although I understand that Jim Sturgess is already cast in the role) and I felt that my vocal abilities at the moment were too stunted to pursue the audition. I know "Spider-Man the Musical" is not exactly the "serious theatre" that I love and thrive in, but it'd be an adventure. The point is, I don't want weaknesses to hold me back from opportunities in the future. Gotta keep learning (My Dad will tell you). Gotta keep getting better. Then no one can hold you back.

Good Things.

Who needs paint

Here are some drawings I've done on restaurant paper with crayon. Who needs canvas.

An Imaginary Still Life.

"Horn Plant" drawn at Flight 151 on 8th Ave

Kind Old Man's Face

Alien with Car Trouble.
Study in Perspective.

Make some art, save some money.