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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Time to Learn

So now that my shows have ended I've had time to look into various programs to keep my skills tuned and to advance my understanding of the actor's craft, and business. Today I just auditioned for and was accepted into "One on One", a New York and L.A. based program that offers courses from Top Casting Directors, Agents and Acting Coaches including Marci Phillips from ABC, Bob Krakower, Paul Schnee, Meghan Rafferty, and Duncan Stewart. I am looking forward to this opportunity! Orientation is tomorrow.

Also, I went to meet an acting coach Alan Savage who had been recommended to me. He has somewhat of a "cut the bullshit" approach which is challenging and exciting. He's all about communication and intention- "what do you want from the other?" I think that I will take some classes with him; there's definitely something to be learned there.

I will also be taking voice lessons from my downstairs neighbor who teaches voice at AMDA. I decided to take voice lessons after a casting call for "Peter Parker" in the new "Spider-Man" musical was listed in Backstage Magazine (although I understand that Jim Sturgess is already cast in the role) and I felt that my vocal abilities at the moment were too stunted to pursue the audition. I know "Spider-Man the Musical" is not exactly the "serious theatre" that I love and thrive in, but it'd be an adventure. The point is, I don't want weaknesses to hold me back from opportunities in the future. Gotta keep learning (My Dad will tell you). Gotta keep getting better. Then no one can hold you back.

Good Things.

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