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The News & Views page is where you'll find updates on what MacLeod is up to and hopefully a thoughtful reflection or funny story here and there. This is the blog of my blog-site.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rehearsals for PTP-NYC

The show is coming along very well. I'm excited. We are discovering some very specific and moving moments within the text. It is a challenging piece, sparsely written so each line begs to be 'nailed'. This is an intense, and messy, wartime show. For those of you who it would entice to come see it, I will be removing my shirt.

The Date is Set

The Date of my Sprint Commercial is officially set. I film on Monday the 30th of June. Good things.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Busy Thursday

This Thursday I'm flying back to New York to film the independent feature Inside Voices. Then I'm meeting up with my landlord to sign the lease for my new place. Then I fly back that same night. I can't afford to live like this...But I'll have fun going broke trying.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Vermont remains beautiful. Rehearsals are going very well. Really a great feel of community and company. These are dream circumstances for work.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Press for Pacific

Some nice press for my upcoming show Somewhere in the Pacific at Atlantic Stage 2. Tony Nominee Jan Maxwell will also be working with the company.

Lovely Middlebury

I'm back in lovely Middlebury. It really is serene being here when it's so empty. I fear though that the rigors of my last three days in New York have pushed me into a relapse of Mono. Lots of fluid and rest are in my future, when I can get it that is. Still plenty to do between rehearsing, ADing, random tasks, flying back to the city for a day to shoot a film and sign a lease. I think someone might have to hold me down if I'm ever going to get well again. Nevertheless, it is beautiful here and this group of Actors and Crew seems really special. It will be great spending time with them all. If I can keep myself out of the hospital I'll be happy.

By the way, my last night in New York I went to a !Free! secret Gnarls Barkley concert at the Fillmore. Only in New York.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sprint Commercial

It appears to be happening. It was postponed briefly and seemed like it might wash out but it appears to be back. Dates have yet to be solidified but it will shoot sometime during my run of Somewhere in the Pacific. Hopefully I won't have to miss a show.

Inside Voices

I've been cast in an independent feature by director Mark Street called Inside Voices. He leans toward the arthouse cinema side of things which I am very excited by. I am excited to be collaborating with and meeting artists in the city. I have one day of shooting, June 19, but it's a good day-I've got a monologue.

Rehearsal Time

Monday, June 9 I start rehearsing for Somewhere in the Pacific. Can't wait.

Julie and Julia: a blast

So I arrive to find a superb breakfast crafty spread. I get to wear a sapphire blue vintage suit. Many people compliment me on the suit. Not that it was my doing but I was happy to be wearing it. I dance all day next to Jane Lynch and in between takes before the last shot of the night I dance with Meryl Streep. I call it WITH no matter what you think. She came on set, made a joke and started to hop, I hopped with her then pumped my fists, she followed my lead and pumped her fists. I call that dancing with, if nothing else then for the fun of it. I mean...we used her movies to teach an acting class...It's Meryl Streep...and I was near her.