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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lovely Middlebury

I'm back in lovely Middlebury. It really is serene being here when it's so empty. I fear though that the rigors of my last three days in New York have pushed me into a relapse of Mono. Lots of fluid and rest are in my future, when I can get it that is. Still plenty to do between rehearsing, ADing, random tasks, flying back to the city for a day to shoot a film and sign a lease. I think someone might have to hold me down if I'm ever going to get well again. Nevertheless, it is beautiful here and this group of Actors and Crew seems really special. It will be great spending time with them all. If I can keep myself out of the hospital I'll be happy.

By the way, my last night in New York I went to a !Free! secret Gnarls Barkley concert at the Fillmore. Only in New York.

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