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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

you win some, you learn some

The Opportunity: Today I had an audition for a contract role in a soap opera, One Life to Live. My preparation was much more in keeping with the positive methods I fleshed out a bit in my last post. After incorporating some last minute information I went in, chatted a bit about the scene (remarkably and surprisingly helpful for relaxing me and creating an opportunity for my personality to come out) and did a take. Half way through the scene she says "stop". I freeze for a moment, "Is this bad?" I think to myself. "You're going in the right direction. Let's tape it." Now I assumed this was normal protocol. I thought they tape everyone. But after talking to my agent and my friend I discovered that they don't tape everyone. SO, now I wait to find out if I get a callback. I may not, but at least I know that what I brought to that first read was something that the casting director thought was worth taping.

Good Things.

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