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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Busy Week

This week in auditions:

Short Film by Gabriel Winer-The character was like James Bond only rougher. As I'm noticing is kind of a trend in New York, sides were supplied upon arrival. It was a full page of monologue to be delivered in a British accent with about 1 minute total of looking over the script. It's a good thing I find auditions fun or else that could have been stressful. The role would be really fun to play though. The Director and Producer seemed like good guys too.

Shoulder Wound-Just auditioned today at Bowling/Miscia Casting for the character "Shoulder Wound" for the NBC pilot Kings, which tells a modern version of the story of the legendary king David. My character is a soldier, who has a wounded shoulder. I would be involved in a pretty cool action scene so keep your fingers crossed for me!
The show will feature Ian Mcshane and Christopher Egan.

Sprint Rapper-Tomorrow I am auditioning for a Sprint Commercial at Endeavor for which I must rap. I would like to thank Dana Yeaton for helping me prepare when he used me for a staged reading last year of his play Red Shirts in which I played Dante, a black, rapping, football player from LA... I must say I think I did a good job considering I'm a white, soccer player from Kentucky.

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