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Monday, April 21, 2008

Brown and the Barber

Brown was beautiful. Amazing architecture.

They've also got insane connections that made me wonder why I never applied there.

Let's just say I held direct discourse with Martin Scorsese and Tom Rothman of Fox Films. Mind bender.

I also just got home to Brooklyn and stopped by a barber shop that was recommended to me. I asked for a trim and just a little off of the sides and top. They mostly speak spanish there, so I then made a small space between my index finger and thumb to indicate how little I'd like taken off. Unfortunately, he must have taken this to mean how short I'd like my hair to be and proceeded to dig into the side of my head with his barber sheers. I look a bit like a Marine now and am wondering how I should go about explaining this to my agents. Hot weather's on the way though so it's nice to feel the breeze. My career concerns aside it is somewhat liberating to break from the requisite vanity of being an actor.

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