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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Quick Rundown

Howdy friends!

I've got a few exciting things to report:

First- check out Funkanomics' hilarious new video! This one I am in.

If you really like it, and use, it would be really great if you dugg us up, as that's a huge way to get hit counts up.

Second- Monday, September 14 at 7pm I will be performing in a reading of

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

A Radio Play by Meyer Levin

at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. tickets $15

Third- I will be performing in a workshop of The Common Swallow by David Caudle. September 25-27 as part of the Howl Festival at 45 Bleeker st. Theater. Tickets $15

- Tuesday, September 15 at 12pm I will be performing in a reading of Besharet a new play by Chana Porter at Primary Stages. I'm not sure if that's open to the public or not.

closed Off- Broadway and was a huge success. The entire run completely sold out! Here are some links to some great reviews.
photo exclusive from

There are more readings, more excitement, but thus not enough time to report on them all.

Good Things,

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