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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The New Year: promising developments

Well It's been a whirlwind December with Too Much Memory. The show is over and I had a blast. We got some fantastic reviews, some impressive press coverage. Most importantly, a number of my friends (the type that wouldn't lie about this sort of thing) expressed how great they thought the show was. Some were avid theater-goers, some hardly ever see theater. I will miss working with this company. You get used to saying goodbye fairly often in this line of work, but I am sorry to be ending my run with this group of people. I cannot reiterate enough how talented and truly enjoyable they are. It's a small industry though and I hope to stay in touch.

I'm writing from Louisville, Ky where I am home with family for Christmas. It was a wonderful respite from the city but I am happy to return for New Years and the new year. Things are shaping up to be fairly interesting if not unpredictable:

I will be doing an Off-off Broadway show with the producers who brought you Too Much Memory. That will happen in January.

Last week I met with a commercial agent who is excited to start working with me. The feeling is mutual. January will hopefully see me auditioning for some commercials to help subsidize my acting habit.

Early December I met with a very well respected Los Angeles based manager. His focus is Film and Television and he likes to push for the "big stuff". I am interested and excited to find out what opportunities this relationship might present me.

Traditionally, the first quarter of the year is "Pilot Season". I have heard, "there is no Pilot Season anymore" given the economy and the Union strife that has laid like a fog over the industry since 2007. Being new to the game and having never participated in Pilot Season I cannot really know what to expect from the now potentially defunct perennial flourish, but I am hoping to see an increase in auditions.

I hope that your holiday season is joyful. All my best for a fulfilling new year.

Good Things.

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