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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My First Contract

I just signed my first Equity (AEA) contract tonight! What does going Equity mean? It means I am now a part of the stage actors' union. What are the benefits? I can continue to work in Equity venues all the way from Stage One in Louisville to Broadway. Being in Equity provides an option for affordable health care/pension (contingent upon me making money within union contracts). It is a necessary milestone for any professional actor- "You gotta do it sometime." It communicates professionalism.

What's more, I'm going equity through an astounding theater company and with a group of artists who I could not enjoy and admire more.

How much money does that mean I make? virtually none. But it's a worthwhile investment.

To commemorate the moment, here is a superb photo-essay charting my brother and my rise to power as the famed British rock-band SnakeBite.

When You hear the rattle, you know it's time to run!

"He's Snake" "And I'm Bite" "And together we are, SNAKEBITE!"

Beware the Slither!

Here's to you Actors Equity Association.

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  1. Way to go MacLeod!! I'm so proud of you. I love your blog too. The pictures of you and Jackson are great. Hope NYC is treating you well. I can NOT wait to come see you in a show. Have a blast and love what you do.